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Roses are red, but your eyebrows shouldn't be: why you should listen to your PMU artist about af

I am a member of several PMU groups on social media and I constantly read posts from my peers about their clients not following the aftercare instructions. It's hard, I know....not to itch, scratch and pick when you get to that stage of healing BUT don't think for a minute that we don't know that you are! Hopefully your technician has given you solid instructions, tips and tricks on how to get passed it because it is essential to successful healing and color retention.

What is best. Dry heal or ointment? I've read about and tried it all. I find that following a regiment of gently washing the area with antibacterial soap at the beginning and end of each day for the first week coupled with a very light swipe of A&D ointment works well. Ensuring you absorb and remove all secretions (lymph and blood) decreases the probability to scabbing and results in a swifter healing. Dry healing is known to work just fine, however, the itchy scratchy phase is more likely to hit and is a likely contributor to the picking off scabs. Please, follow the aftercare instructions and know it's worth it. And, after made this investment in yourself. Protect it!


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